Our Process

We know with any construction project comes the initial excitement followed by questions, emotions and often a state of being overwhelmed, at JS Design + Build, we have streamlined our process to give you peace of mind. With over 40 years in the industry, we have developed a cohesive action plan that addresses every concern, guiding you each step of the way. As a full service general contracting and design firm, there is no missing link in our process.

What sets us apart? Every aspect of your project remains in-house! From conception to completion, our designers, drafters, project managers and field crew get your project completed on time and on budget.

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Listen + Identify

The key to the success of any project or relationship is as simple as listening. We take the time in the very beginning to fully understand your goals and objectives so that we can develop a client focused design. This phase builds the foundation for ongoing communication. We framing out your lifestyle & budget through asking core questions, allowing us to set realistic expectations and identify the scope of work.

Pre-Construction Contract

During the initial onsite meeting, we are able to gauge the scope and almost always offer an estimated budget range for your project within a week and draft a pre-construction agreement. This contract clearly details the next steps and initial retainer in order to proceed into the design phase, is an hourly rate with a not to exceed cap. Once signed, our design team goes full steam ahead to bring our knowledge, your imagination and our creativity to life.

Digital Drafting & Documentation

Our drafter & estimator head out to digitally document and accurately measure the proposed area for remodel. We survey the property to discover the existing conditions which include locating electrical and plumbing supply lines, uncovering any possible structural changes and inspecting affected areas that will be under construction. Next, “As-Built” drawings are produced and we draft preliminary project renderings to capture your new floorplan and options.

Finish Material Selection

Based on the estimated budget, our design team recommends finish materials that align with the overall aesthetic and vision of the project. We have access to the latest products on the market and select options for cabinet finishes, lighting & plumbing fixtures and flooring for your review. All construction decisions are made upfront, allowing the remodel to proceed seamlessly. During this phase, we obtain lead times for each item, ensuring the specified materials are within the general forecasted timeline for installation.

Fixed Fee Budget Meeting

Since every aspect of the design + build process stays within our firm, we are confident that our project costs are the most competitive and accurate. From our demo and field crew to finish carpentry, the JSDB experience is as seamless as possible. We make the most sensitive topic, your budget, equally as streamlined. With a single fixed fee, we guarantee that your project will not exceed the estimated cost, no matter what! There are no allowances, allowing us to stay on budget. We take full responsibility.

Home Improvement Contract

With the plans and finish materials are approved, we are ready to present your Home Improvement Contract. This is an exciting time as we layout the specifics for your project as we unveil a concrete & defined scope of work along with the fixed fee. We outline the project start & completion dates, the progress payment schedule and an estimated duration for each phase. Our Project Manager is introduced and presents our online calendar for your project and schedules the walk-through with the JS Design + Build’s field crew.


Plans & Permitting

We waste no time once the Home Improvement contract is signed. Our drafter hits the drawing board to convert the preliminary set of drawings into permit-ready construction drawings. Details matter. Our team meticulously reviews every detail to avoid challenges down the road or unnecessary questions onsite. Confident in our in depth planning phase, our Project Manager heads to the building department to obtain your permit.

Let the Demo Begin

Our Project Manager makes one final site visit to walkthrough your home and set the scenario for Day 1. We discuss the desired placement of our job trailer, protective dust barrier locations, hours of work, jobsite cleanliness and material storage. Keeping with our promise, our field crew arrives as scheduled, allowing for fast track project execution…and off to work we go!

Monitor & Analyze

Our field crew and Project Manager closely monitors your project on a daily basis to ensure we maintain our accelerated schedules. In partnership with our office team, we make sure everyone is on task and accountable. As we move through each phase of construction , we are continuously analyzing progress in real-time with a structured online calendar and onsite surveillance, so you feel in control until the very end!

It’s a Wrap

Before final inspection, we conduct a walkthrough with our crew to certify we have met the highest level of standards and address any details needing attention. We want to make sure we surpass your expectations and every nook and cranny has been evaluated. It is our goal that you are completely satisfied with our quality of work and professionalism. Our Project Manager will schedule the final inspection, a full site clean-up occurs and we pull away letting you enjoy your new space.

Post Construction

Your home is your sanctuary, we appreciate you inviting us into your home and trusting that we will get the job done on time and on budget. We value our community and encourage our relationship to continue. Our commitment to excellence goes beyond finishing your project. We guarantee ongoing support and warranty our work.


We take the traditional design and build process one step further. We offer complete interior design services, including furnishings, floor and window coverings, accessories, lighting options, art acquisition, and more. Level up your new space or an existing space with the help of our professional interior design team!

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